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CC Alumni @Nas Daily | Richard Galapate | Grad22

Our distinguished alumnus of our distinguished Creative Computing program!!

Here, we celebrate and honor our alumni, who reflect on their journey with the Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK, their current work, and most importantly, their advice for the students after them!

Meet Richard Galapate, BSc (Hons) Creative Computing 2019-2022


How do you define yourself?

I’m Richard and I am currently a video editor at Nas Daily.

I’m a goal-oriented person. Mind over matter. I always try my best to accomplish the tasks that I want to do - whether it was for school, work, or for my personal projects. I love to tinker with tech in general. I don’t have any sports or common hobbies other than exploring the online world - online businesses, side hustles, social media, and a lot more. That’s also the reason how I landed my job at NasDaily.

I’ve been mesmerized by the business world since I was 14 but I also wanted to pursue my passion which was making videos and everything about technology, that’s why I took the Creative Computing program at Bath Spa University.

Reflect on your journey (learning, achievements) in the Creative Computing program.

Being academically excellent is different from being excellent in general. I don’t really care about my grades but one thing that got me graduating with honors is the saying “always do your best” which was the main topic of the first ever book that I read called “Fred Factor”.

Despite not caring about my grades, following the mindset that I should do everything to the best of my ability allowed me to get high grades without trying to get high grades. It’s confusing but in other words, following that mindset tricks your brain into having fun and doing your tasks while eliminating the negative thinking of not achieving your expectations.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I can see myself traveling around the world while working remotely on my online business - whether it’s doing video calls with my clients or simply editing videos.

If that doesn’t work out, I think I’ll be stuck in a room with 4 walls editing all day. I’m good with both.

How will you remember Bath Spa University RAK?

All the activities, the fun moments, and the relationships with our professors (friendly relationships) are the most memorable. For me, what makes universities fun are the people - and at Bath Spa, it’s the same. I’ll forever remember the people I met along the way - the friends, the enemies (not really enemies but yeah), and the fun times. It’s a cliche, right? It’s not really about the end goal (graduating), it’s about the journey and the people you meet along the way.

What would be your #1 advice for your juniors in the program?

Learning is not supposed to be just inside the university. Try to learn more at your home, in a cafe, or in the metro. The best thing you can do right now as a student is to invest in yourself - it’s something that no one can steal it from you.

Maybe start a personal project for your future portfolio or try side hustles, or maybe even get a part-time job. These days, it’s all about the experience and not just knowledge. You gotta set yourself up against the future competition - the students around the world who will graduate at the same time as you.


We wish Richard the very best in his career and life ahead, hoping to stay in touch! God Bless.



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