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Best of Creative Incubator Projects | Spring 2022

CompBuilt - Developed by Richard Galapate, Andrei Dalimos, Jeorge Quilatan, Argel Arcega, Terence Borromeo, Michael Rivera

Koios - Developed by Mary Angelica Domantay, Lory Ismael, Blessie Carag, Mary Angeleica Gella, Sayeda Atta, Julia Francesca Reyes

Minisize - Developed by Allelee Flores, Kyla Buarao, Shayne Fajardo, Akilah Lapure, Sjunsei Awal, Kimberly Diaz, David Francisco

Swapee - Developed by Trisha Catis, Sarai Carreon, Alyxsandra Reyes, Patrisha Ortigas, Bianca Dalangin, Ruth Amurao



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