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Best of Games Dev | Fall2023

We are delighted to celebrate and present the best games developed under the Games Dev Module of Fall 2023-24 with Ms Anmol Z.

Our Games module offers a unique opportunity and training to our Creative Computing "young gamer" students, to explore the world of gaming from a "maker's" perspective, and try their hands at creating games in Unity themselves, a giant creative and technical leap from just playing them. This module and the training & experience therein are highly promising as the gaming industry continues to grow exponentially and offers highly lucrative career options now and soon.

Following are some of the best and most fantastic games developed in the module last semester.

Feel free to click on the link, to experience them for yourself!

Fatima Naveed

Maryam Tahir

Pauline Villahermosa

Railey Inductivo

Adam Simbulan

Carl Tobles

Rafael Formaran

Antonio Intal

Anne Dabuyan

Princess Panilagao

Waleed Khan

Arooba Arshad

Rania Farooqi

Trisha Joson

Izza Fatima

Ravinder Egudur

Rujeth Tanchico

Sobia Arshad

Gabriel Asis

Hamad Noor


Sharvari Pradhan

Adhenz Miranda

Muhammed Sufiyan

Congratulations to the students and Ms Anmol for the remarkable achievement in the module.



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