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Best of Non-Linear Interactive Stories | Fall2022

Non Linear Interactive stories take the inherent human art and craving for "stories" to the next level where the maker creates a digital artifact that allows each user to decide, define and create his/her own story. This is achieved through incorporating creative "options" in a linear story, adding multiple possibilities and directions for the story to develop, all depended on the choices the individual user makes!

In these interactive non-linear stories, you are not just an write and experience your story!

Following are some of the best works for the Digital Storytelling module of Fall 2022, enjoy!

Princess Jasmin S. Panilagao

Patrice Ysabelle B. Baldovino

Rania Aziz Farooqi

Railey Anthony Inductivo

Fatima Naveed

Hannah Kaithleen Bustos

Arooba Arshad

Sandybelle P. Sarte

Afra Zareen

Jasfer John Parcon De Jesus

Shyra Faith Uy

We are extremely proud of each one of our students, and wish them the very best in the program. career, and life ahead.



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