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Best of the 2D Games | Fall2022

We are delighted to celebrate and present the best of the games developed under the 2D Games module of Fall 2022-23 with Ms. Anmol Zubair.

Our 2D Games module offers a unique opportunity and training to our Creative Computing "young gamer" students, to explore the world of gaming from a "maker's" perspective, and try their hands at creating 2D games in Unity themselves, a giant creative and technical leap from just playing them. This module and the training & experience therein is highly promising as the gaming industry continues to grow exponentially and offers highly lucrative career options now and in the near future.

Following are some of the best and most fantastic games developed in the module last semester. Feel free to click on "Play here" to experience them for yourself!

Lost SpaceShip | Play here

Marlowe Alain Tadili Jr

Resentment of Souls | Play here

Amina Mohammad

Infi Islands! | Play here

Isidal Kent Almoite Carino

Clusterpoint | Play here

Reynald Jr Padilla

Transitum | Play here

Enrique III Montealegre

Neco-Venture | Play here

Dylan Roan A. Duario

MythScape | Play here

Eyron Denelle Araza

Dungeon Adventures | Play here

John Jeshua Bargola

Elf Escape | Play here

Rei Nald Jeann Onella

JetLag | Play here

Kurt Iverzon A. Pastor

Avengers: Infinity War The Game | Play here

John Rafael B. Abuelo

We congratulate Ms. Anmol and all our students on producing such remarkable and commendable artifacts!



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