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CC Dept Organizes another Seminar and Workshop on Cyber Security.

Mr. Usman Ahmad, our esteemed Lecturer in the Creative Computing Department, organized an online workshop on Cyber Range, with the aim to create awareness among students and faculty members about the importance of cyber protection.

The workshop featured prominent speakers from the University of Limerick, Ireland who shed light on cyber security, shared their experiences, and presented practical solutions for cyber protection; and Prof. Dr. Kashif Naseer Qureshi, an expert in cybersecurity and Associate Professor at  University of Limerick, who gave a detailed session on Cyber Attack Detection and Prevention with the help of Cyber Range. He also emphasized the importance of early detection of cyber attacks and how cyber range can simulate real-life scenarios to help organizations develop effective strategies for preventing such attacks. Dr. Qureshi also discussed the various techniques and tools used in cyber ranges to train cybersecurity professionals and to test the effectiveness of cybersecurity solutions.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Newe, an Associate Professor at University of Limerick and leads the Cyber Security industry upskilling activities in UL with the Cyber Skills, gave a detailed introduction of Cyber Range and how this is helping in cyber protection. Dr. Newe highlighted the benefits of Cyber Range and how it can be used to test and validate cybersecurity solutions. He also discussed the role of Cyber Range in training cybersecurity professionals and developing their skills.

The workshop was attended by students and faculty members who showed great interest in the subject. The attendees were able to interact with the speakers and ask questions, which added to the overall learning experience. The workshop also featured hands-on exercises, where the attendees were able to experience the use of Cyber Range in a simulated environment.

The online workshop on Cyber Range was a great success and achieved its objective of creating awareness about cyber protection. The speakers were able to share their knowledge and experiences, and the attendees were able to learn practical solutions for protecting against cyber attacks.

We congratulate and thank Mr. Usman Ahmad for his initiative and arrangements for this event, as the Creative Computing Department  continues to organize more of such workshops in the future, to promote cyber protection and to equip professionals with the skills needed to tackle the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.

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