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CC students awarded Certificates of Appreciation by the Pakistan Islamia School, Sharjah.

In recognition of their excellent industry project, under the year 2 module of Creative Industry Challenge, a group of 6 Creative Computing students were awarded Certificates of Appreciation by the prestigious Pakistan Islamia Higher Secondary School, Sharjah.

The group included:

Nehan Tariq

Princelle Abbie Palmes Binobo

Nella Rose O. Bermudo

Franchesca Gabrielle Q. Raymundo

Anthony Bon Louis Uy Cubillas

Vincent Ignatius S. Amante

Ms Arshiya Subhani, the module tutor for Creative Industry Challenge, mentored the students throughout the project.

The Creative Industry Challenge module requires groups of 5-6 students to approach and secure creative & competent live industry projects, that they work on campus under the mentorship of a tutor. The module offers great opportunity for students to connect & impress potential employers, while securing invaluable industry experience, working with real clients with real needs. The final projects are submitted to the industry as potential prototypes, as well as a formal summative assessment under the module.

The group developed & submitted a highly contemporary, effective, & trendy website for the school, and we hope to see it live anytime soon.

We thank our Campus Director, Dr. M N Brohi for his vision, efforts, and contribution in securing this invaluable opportunity & project for the students.

We are extremely proud of our students, congratulate them on this success, & wish it is just the very first in many2 more to come in their lives ahead.



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