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Francis Kyle | From UAE, to graduating in the UK.

While the Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK delivers the original UK Campus qualifications, at a fraction of the original fee, right here in the UAE; students who study with us are registered at the UK campus as their students, and hence always have the option and the fantastic opportunity to seamlessly transfer and graduate in the UK!

Meet Francis Kyle Desear, our BSc (Hons) Creative Computing Year 2 student, who also joined the UK Study Tour of June 2022, and has now successfully and seamlessly transferred to the home campus of the Bath Spa University, City of Bath, to complete his year 3 and graduate in the UK.

Francis shares, "Choosing to study in the UK is an incredible opportunity. I treat every day as a new start and try my best to live and learn. I learned how better to manage my money and time and I’ve improved my prioritization and time management. I have become much stronger and more independent while in the UK."

He also adds, "Bath is a beautiful city with many fantastic places to explore. There are places of interest not just for those inclined towards nature, but also for those interested in history and city life. My favorite thing about Bath is the experience of living in the city itself. I get to explore various different areas and try out new foods, pubs, and activities."

We are extremely proud of Francis and this transfer, as this not only validates our claims, but also creates precedent for many2 students to follow, who are also offered a modest discount of 2,000 GBP on the international students fee.

We wish Francis the very best in the current program, and look forward to his graduation pics this year from the UK!



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