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Live Industry Projects | Spring2023

The BSc (Hons) Creative Computing program maintains its reputation as a pioneering and authentic training curriculum within the region, distinguished by its original fusion of modules that offer comprehensive and well-rounded instruction. This approach effectively equips our students to excel in a wide spectrum of digital projects, careers, and opportunities, ensuring their readiness for the dynamic future of the digital industry.

Undoubtedly, the Creative Industry Challenge module in Year 2 Semester 4 stands as a prime example of innovation and effectiveness. This module serves as a formal conduit, exposing our students to genuine industries, clients, and projects. Its unique design not only encourages but demands that students undertake, secure, complete, and successfully deliver real-world, localized industry projects, fostering a profound learning experience.

Under the guidance of our esteemed Senior Lecturer, Ms Arshiya S, the module witnessed unparalleled achievement in Spring 2023. Each student group in the cohort remarkably secured a minimum of one real-life industry project, with some even achieving multiple projects. The students effectively met deadlines, earning great appreciation and commendable feedback from the clients they served. This resounding success serves as a testament to the program's dedication to practical and impactful education.

Check out our highly talented and skilled students' live industry projects for Spring 2023 below:


Rhandle Gapuz | Enrique Montealegre | Noel Neri

Rhyan Lapa | Danielle Napian | Isidal Carino

Dylan Roan Duario | Eyron Denelle Araza |

Huda Imran | Omar El Perez | Luke Wenzel Domingo

Joel D'Souza

Shape of You Ladies Beauty_Website

Haniya Zafar Malik, Amina Mohammad, Yumna Muhammad, Warshiah Batool, Nandana Byju, Warda Zeeshan

Reynald Jr Padilla | Rei Nald Onella | John Rafael Abuelo | Abdullah Tahir | Ali Zulnoor

Brands&Vines_Website ReDesign

Jamela Rose Alcantara | John Jeshua Franco Bargola

Jake Laurence De Guzman Paz | Lemuel DelovieresIII

David Marc Manuel | Ilyaas Baker | Peter James Barawed | Lance Gicano

Baghbaan_Website Urooj Mubbasher | Ahmed Athar | Jazim Hammad

Fizza Ali | Rabia Saqib

JoyBubble_Website Khayll Ogoc | Karylle Nicdao | Aron Santiago

Kurt Pastor | Ronalie Ribleza | Julian Natividad

Project Mabrook_Website Muhammad Hamas Khan | Saadullah Shahjahan | Sajawal Ahmad | Yousuf Tareq Helmy | Muhammad Haseeb Amar

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ms Arshiya and the entire cohort of our 2nd-year students for achieving this remarkable success. We believe that these live projects have bestowed upon them invaluable industry experience, enriching their training and honing their skills as they continue to forge ahead in their promising careers.



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