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MonthlyMedley02 | Bigger & Louder this time!!

The 2nd edition of the open mic musical hour event MonthlyMedley held on 2 March 2023, was bigger, better, and louder! Following and inspired by the pilot run of February 2023, the March 2023 event not only attracted greater interest and participation by students from all the three departments, but also a bigger and louder crowd that enjoyed and cheered the performances.

A huge shout out and round of applause to all the organizers, and the performers including:

  • Mark Buyco CC1

  • John Patrick Falcon CC1

  • Dan Franco CC1

  • Hannah Haresco CC1

  • Linzie Gaac PSY1

  • Nathan Dsilva CC1

  • Kirby Murcia PSY1

  • Rafael Formaran CC1

  • Edgar Bryan Dela Pena BM1

  • Jared Maxilom CC3

  • Julisha CC1

  • Jadon Maki Baldoza Aguhob CC1

  • Nella Rose O. Bermudo CC3

  • Franchesca Gabrielle Q. Raymundo CC3

  • Anthony Bon Louis Uy Cubillas CC3

  • Aaron Joeshier Balagtas CC3

  • Liza Loreen D Balaba PSY1

  • Arron Francis Paul Frondoza PSY1

  • Allen Marc Cuadro Palma BM1

The initiative with a humble event every month not only creates festive vibes at the campus, offers great opportunity for the amateur as well as beginner musicians and singers to showcase their talents, but also reveals incredible and undiscovered talents at the campus.

We thank each and every one from the audience for their presence and support to the initiative, and the performers. We look forward to even a bigger event and more performances at the next event in the month of May!



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