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MonthlyMedley Feb2024

The MonthlyMedley event reached new heights of energy and excitement, making it perhaps the loudest and most vibrant gathering yet. The atmosphere was electric as students took to the stage, showcasing their talents and captivating the audience with their performances. What made this particular event truly special was the overwhelming sense of camaraderie and support that permeated throughout, with students not only shining individually but also rallying behind their peers with cheers and encouragement.

It was truly a delightful and inspiring sight to witness our students take full ownership of the event, demonstrating their leadership, creativity, and teamwork in orchestrating a memorable experience for everyone involved. From planning and organizing to managing logistics and executing performances, the students exhibited remarkable initiative and resourcefulness, proving themselves to be capable and resilient individuals.

On behalf of the entire community, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the CC students of Year 2 for their outstanding efforts and contributions in making the MonthlyMedley event a resounding success. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and spirit of collaboration are a testament to the vibrant and dynamic culture that defines our institution. A BIG THANK to every student who participated, volunteered, or supported the event in any capacity. Your passion and commitment have truly made a difference and have left a lasting impact on our community.

God Bless.

Next Monthlymedley coming in April looking for both experienced and new talent!



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