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Python it is! | Best of Code Lab 2 | Fall2022

Students of Creative Computing begin their life long coding journey with one of the most advanced, high level, effective, as well as easy to learn language.....Python! Here we celebrate and showcase some of the best works produced in the last semester.

Movie Finder (Movie Database API)

John Rafael Abuelo

DaCocktail (Cocktail Database API)

Reynald Padilla

Data-driven app (Movie Database API)

Rei Nald

LAVEN Music Library (Audio Database API)

Eyron Araza

Appetizing Meals (Meal Database API)

Urooj Mubashir

Music Explorer (Audio Database API)

Ahmed Athar

Cocktails Explorer ( Cocktail Database API)

Abdullah Tahir

The Cocktail Palace (Cocktail Database API)

Jazim Hammad

Again, we are extremely proud of our students and wish them good luck with progressing through the journey with Python, and exploring Machine Learning in the 5th Semester of the Creative Computing program. God Bless!



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