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Spotlight | Vincent Amante

Here, we celebrate and honor some of our best students ever in the BSc (Hons) Creative Computing program, who reflect on their journey with the Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK, their struggles, achievements, and most importantly, their advice for the students after them!

Meet Vincent Amante, BSc (Hons) Creative Computing 2020-2023


How do you define yourself?

Just a developer of sorts for fun (and money). I love creating digital artifacts (websites, games, artworks) that seem way beyond my skill-level and actually managing. - What is your academic mantra? I'll do what interests me and I'll do it as perfectly as I want to. It may not end up great but I'd have made the most out of the experience.

Reflect on your journey (learning, achievements) in the Creative Computing program.

I started out year 1 somewhat clueless and uncertain of what I was doing. Many semesters later, many projects finished, many zinger burgers eaten, and I STILL feel clueless and uncertain buuut *slightly less!* Turns out that's normal, the name of the game really is just finding the best ways to be a little less clueless and uncertain y'know?

What’s next once you graduate?

Given that around a third of our modules were about web-development, I'll likely try to find a career in that field. It's not only a decent path, but there's also so much variety you can accomplish in that field that I'd definitely benefit from all the different skills I acquired in this course.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

If machine-learning algorithms improve I'm probably going to try and create sentient robots to begin the AI uprising. Realistically, I want to see myself living in a cozy room with nice plants, just coding away to a comfy atmosphere - maybe I'd finally be working on some immersive web-comic that I've wanted to make for a long time.

How will you remember Bath Spa University RAK?

I'll definitely remember that I managed to meet some of the best people there. I made friends who helped me discover more of who I am and helped me be who I am today. I'm grateful because of that.

What would be your #1 advice for your juniors in the program?

There's a wide variety of fields that you'll touch on in this course, many requiring different skill sets.

The primary skill in this course isn't any of them; rather, it's your ability to learn just enough of any given skill. Focus on that and you'll realize just how similar many aspects of this course actually are.


We wish Vincent the very best in his career and life ahead, hoping to stay in touch! God Bless.



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