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TechTalks2023 in Emerging Technologies.

Creative Computing isn't only about latest technologies, creativity, and industry placement; it's a way of life, encouraging active engagement, intellectual reflections, and meaningful dialogues amongst the youth on pressing demands, challenges, and concerns around the popular and emerging technologies of now and future!

Introducing....TeckTalks 2023 !! A research report assessment tool extended into an engaging, intellectual, and extremely gratifying experience...with panel discussion on a pre-allotted topic by a small group of students, after regurous research and preparation.

TechTalks 2023 were most successfully and generously hosted and guided by two of our esteemed tutors, Mr William McQueer and Mr Usman Ahmad.

We are extremely proud of our students who stood up to the challenge, and most confidently shared and professionally discussed a diverse range of pressing topics on emerging technologies in the present and future context.

Watch full episodes TechTalks 2023 below:

We are extremely happy with our pilot episodes, committed to improving the shoot quality with time, and look forward to host the TechTalks every year from here on; offering our students a modest but excellent platform to voice their opinions, ideas, and insights.



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