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Digital Visual Design | Basic Shapes | Best of Fall2023

The Module of Digital Visual Design introduces the Year 1 Sem 1 students of BSc (Hons) Creative Computing to the fundamentals of visual design, informing and supporting them in conceptualizing and drafting new digital screens,

For a start, students are challenged to work with limited assets on a limited frame, but with unlimited freedom, imagination, and creativity to position them to create attractive, meaningful, and compelling compositions! For strangers, working with and composing these simple shapes on a screen is similar to working with more complex assets such as text, and images on a website, software, or smartphone app.

Following are some of the best compositions developed early in the Module in Fall 2023-24.

Using only 10 Dots or Circles.

Using only 10 Lines.

Using only 10 Squares.

We congratulate our students for such mindful and visually stimulating works, and look forward to equally attractive digital artefacts from here on!



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