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FairyCup Chandeliers | Ideation & Creative Problem Solving | Spring24

Check out the exemplary creations of our Creative Computing Year 1 students for their Live Challenge Assessment in Ideation & Creative Problem Solving!

Students in small groups were challenged to create life size & working chandeliers reusing the white plastic cups from the water dispensers on the campus, coupled with remote operated fairy lights & foam board only.

The assessment encourages and fosters correctly understanding and interpreting the project brief, research on existing solutions, exploring and evaluating fresh possibilities, effective team work, craftsmanship, and presentation.

We are extremes proud of our Year 1 students for the diligent engagement, creative ideas, and their meticulous execution with weeks of hard work on and off the campus for such impressive and delightful artefacts!

Many congratulations to all the students! We look forward to many more of such creative physical & digital artefacts from you in the program.

God Bless.



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