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Link Tutor for Cyber Security, Mr Ian Wills, visits RAK.

As the RAK Academic Center embarks upon its ambitious and innovative approach to Cyber Security, the center was honored with the presence of Mr Ian Wills, Lecturer in Cyber Security, and the Link Tutor for our BSc and MSc Cyber Security programs, on a 3 days visit to meet the students and tutors in the United Arab Emirates.

As every program at the RAK Academic Center is inherently and diligently guided and supported by dedicated Link Tutors at the home campus, their regular physical visits to the Center offer invaluable opportunity for the tutors to learn, discuss, and clarify the content, strategies, tools, assessments, feedback, and many other details of delivering the programs, keeping them well alligned with the same delivered at the home campus.

We thank the Bath Spa University UK, and Mr Ian Wills for their active and gracious support in our aspirations and commitment to offer comparable quality of education here in the UAE as their TNE Partner, and look forward to having Mr Ian with us again.



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