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Magic of Machine Learning | Fall2022

We are thrilled to report and showcase the success and outcome of our Machine Learning module, with the impressive students' artifacts. The module covered a variety of machine learning algorithms, including linear regression, classification, reinforcement learning, image processing, and recommendation systems.

Following thorough guidance by our very talented tutor Mr. Usman Ahmad, and substantial hands-on practice; students were challenged to apply these concepts, and find innovative and useful applications of Machine Learning in practical scenarios.

Following are a few notable artifacts from Fall 2022:

Toxic Comments Detector

Hans Dimaano

Rock Paper Scissors Game

Franchesca Raymundo

Audio Classifier using Deep Learning

Erlin Fernandez

Emotions Detection

Vincent Amante


Sign Language Communication

Princelle Binoboelle

Handwritten Digits Recognition

Aaron Joeshier

NeuCaptions : Images Captions Generator

Anthony Bon Louis

The Machine Learning module, just as the entire programme of Creative Computing, allowed ample opportunities for the students to practice and apply the skills they learnt in class, and practicing building their own machine-learning models. These models included applications in areas such as financial analysis, healthcare, and social media. The students' models were tested and evaluated using real-world data, which gave them a comprehensive understanding of how machine learning can be used in the real world.

We are extremely proud, and congratulate both Mr. Usman Ahmad and our students on this commendable learning & achievement.



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