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MicroCredentials in Web Development | Spring2023

In our relentless pursuit of academic excellence, our foremost goal is to foster an environment of unparalleled educational quality and rigour. We are deeply committed to nurturing a profound and authentic connection between our students and the subject matter, and as our dedication extends beyond conventional teaching methods – we aspire to ignite a genuine passion for learning that continues to burn brightly throughout our students' lives.

The School of Computing takes a pioneering approach to achieving this aspiration. We have artfully woven essential micro-credentials into the fabric of the early program modules, serving as a bedrock upon which our students can confidently construct their future academic pursuits.

Check out just a few of the 100s of micro-credentials inspired by the Tutor, Mr Usman A, and secured by our BSc (Hons) Creative Computing Year 1 students in the Web Development module.

Our heartiest congratulations and many2 thanks to our students, and Mr Usman A for the vision, best practice, and achievement.



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