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Our Academic and Industry Advisors for the School of Computing.

As the School of Computing continues to innovate with strategic academic approaches in the best interest of our students, programs, school, and institution; we are proud to announce our latest academic achievement of our collaboration with distinguished academics and industry experts as our Academic and Industry Advisors.

The integration of both Industry and Academic Advisors in our UG BSc Creative Computing and Cyber Security programs is an ambitious strategy that aspires to combine academic rigour with real-world relevance, offering our students a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience, as they mentor, and offering valuable insights into the theoretical and practical foundations of their disciplines.

The Industry Advisors bring a wealth of practical knowledge and real-world experience to the table. Their insights into current industry trends, demands, and expectations are invaluable for preparing our students to enter the workforce. Industry Advisors bridge academic theory and professional application, offering guidance on industry-specific skills, networking opportunities, and potential career paths. Furthermore, they contribute to the development of industry-relevant projects, internships, and experiential learning opportunities within the undergraduate program. This hands-on engagement prepares students for the challenges and complexities of their chosen fields, equipping them with a skill set that directly aligns with the job market's needs.

The collaboration between Academic and Industry Advisors ensures that students not only acquire a robust academic foundation but also gain practical skills and industry-specific insights that enhance their employability. This dual-advisory approach reflects a commitment to producing well-rounded graduates who are both academically proficient and equipped with the practical know-how and industry understanding necessary for success in today's competitive job market.

We proudly present the Academic and Industry Advisors for the School of Computing, Bath Spa University Academic Center RAK.

Professor Kashif Naseer Qureshi holds the position of Associate Professor in Cyber Security within the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering at the esteemed University of Limerick in Ireland.

Dr. Qureshi obtained his PhD degree from the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) in 2016 and serves as the Principal Investigator for the Cyber Reconnaissance and Combat project, a significant initiative supported by the Higher Education Commission. His primary research areas include Information and cybersecurity, standards, and the architectural aspects of smart and integrated wireless and wired networks.

Dr. Qureshi has achieved recognition for his research contributions and has consistently been ranked within the top 2% of researchers for three consecutive years by Stanford University, USA. He boasts an impressive publication record, including numerous high-impact factor papers in esteemed international journals and conference proceedings. Furthermore, he has made valuable contributions to various conferences as a member of their International Program Committees (IPCs) and has served on the editorial boards of esteemed journals. His authorship extends to five books and several book chapters, all related to the critical domains of information and cyber security.

Dr. Qureshi has been actively involved in numerous research projects, particularly those in the field of cyber security, solidifying his reputation as a leading expert in this dynamic field.

Dr. Lubna Luxmi Dhirani is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, University of Limerick. She is a Course Director for the BSc Cybersecurity Practitioner Apprenticeship program and an Academic Collaborator at Confirm Research Centre for Smart Manufacturing.

Dr. Lubna is an IEEE Senior Member and the first Women In Engineering (WIE) Ambassador from Ireland in the IEEE WIE (UK&I Section). She has worked on an Industry & SFI CONFIRM funded IT/OT Cybersecurity project “Securing Machine to Machine (M2M) communications in Industry 4.0” and on Industry projects related to “V2G Standards and Security”.

Her expertise is Cybersecurity Standards, Risk Assessment, Data Security – Governance, Risk and Control, Business, IT/OT and Cloud Standards. As a Technology Speaker, Dr. Lubna has delivered many invited talks, keynotes and workshops on Industrial Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0/IIoT, Data GRC and Cloud Computing. Her talk on "Cybersecurity Insights for Industrial IoT" at the IEEE WIE ILC 2021 ranked among the Top 10 sessions worldwide.

On the IEEE WIE UK&I Ambassador front, Dr. Lubna organised an event “Empowering Women in Triple Helix Model” under IEEE WIE UK&I and Confirm Research Centre’s flagship in 2021. Lubna has remained a DELL StemAspire Mentee and has been actively involved in EPE’s encouraging Women to pursue their careers in STEM.

Dr. Lee Scott is an experienced higher education specialist with a reputation for designing unique, industry-aligned courses that blend technology and creativity. A fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Lee has been shaping undergraduate and postgraduate courses for a decade - including several years as head of Creative Computing at Bath Spa University where he built the department from the ground up.

Lee is also co-director of Echo Games, a community interest company that makes ‘serious games’ for education, science communication and cultural heritage. He also designs and develops bespoke web experiences for creative studios, theatre companies and not-for-profits.

Dr. Lee Scott is the original brain, and the Subject Leader of our BSc (Hons) Creative Computing at Bath Spa University UK, who crafted the program in its original form back in 2015 and led the UAE as its Link Tutor until 2021.

As a distinguished Technical Business Professional, Muhammad Ali Azeem has carved a niche in OT & IT Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Management. With a robust background in senior engineering and consulting roles, he currently pioneers OT Security business and consultancy at ACET Solutions, steering business decisions, marketing, and development. Muhammad is a recognized public speaker, having graced stages at prestigious events like Dubai Expo2020 and GISEC, CS4CA and e-Crime MENA, imparting his deep-seated knowledge in cybersecurity. His commitment to the cybersecurity realm extends to mentoring, where he guides emerging talents towards excellence. His professional odyssey is marked by a mission to harness technology for crafting secure and efficient systems, fortifying the digital landscape against ever-changing cyber threats. Muhammad's educational foundation in Physics and Computer Sciences, combined with a plethora of certifications, including ISA 62443, CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker and many more, underpins his expertise.

Dr Sarfraz Brohi is an educationist with extensive experience in UK-based higher education standards. He is the Programme Leader of MSc Information Technology and Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security in Computing and Creative Technologies at UWE, Bristol.

He has a decade of computer science teaching, research and managerial experience. He provides consultancy to the universities and proudly participates in outreach activities.

His current research focuses on creating cybersecurity approaches for connected places. He supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students on industry projects and dissertations. He has a reliable network of collaborators and secured funding from the British Council.

A Senior Cyber Security Assurance Professional with 20 years of Academic and Industrial experience. Saquib has led several teams for projects implementing cybersecurity frameworks.

Mr. Saquib has worked in IT and OT environments implementing NIST and ISO-compliant frameworks and trained numerous teams to implement and maintain frameworks. Academically Saquib has delivered information security-related courses at multiple universities.

He has studied at MIT, Harvard University, Rochester Institute and his Alma Mater, Foundation University in Pakistan.

Saquib holds the certifications in the following bodies of knowledge:

- Certified Information Services Security Professional (CISSP)

- Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

- Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISM)

- Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E)

- Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

- Certified Ethical Hacker – (certified for CEHv9 in 2016)

- IT Infrastructure Library ITIL v3 - ITSM


In essence, the combined presence of Industry and Academic Advisors enhances the undergraduate experience by bridging the gap between theory and practice. It not only prepares students with the practical skills demanded by industry but also nurtures their academic and personal growth.

This dual advisory system reflects a commitment to producing graduates who are not only academically proficient but also industry-ready, positioning them as competent and adaptable professionals in today's competitive job market.



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