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Students Profiling & Advisory (SPA) Week | School of Computing | FALL 2023

A day in a Semester, a 5-minute personal meeting, and an honest intention and initiative for our students' well-being and success.

In a proactive, personalized, and innovative approach to higher education, the Students Profiling & Advisory (SPA) Week emerged as a transformative initiative, fostering a deeper connection between tutors and their undergraduate students. The initiative goes beyond conventional academic assessments, creating a unique space and opportunity for tutors to engage in one-on-one discussions with their students, offering a comprehensive overview, feedback, and advisory on their conduct, academic progress, and personal & professional development.

During these face-to-face meetings spread over a week, Creative Computing Tutors had the opportunity to convey personalized feedback on each of their student's academic performance and achievements; identifying areas of strength, and areas that may require further attention. This direct and constructive feedback serves as a powerful tool for students to reflect on their academic journey and set realistic goals for improvement.

Moreover, the advisory sessions delve into the broader aspects of personal development. Tutors, with their wealth of experience and insight, guide students in honing essential skills such as time management, critical thinking, and effective communication. The goal is not only to nurture academic excellence but also to equip students with the tools necessary for success in their future endeavours.

One of the distinctive features of this initiative is the emphasis on open communication. The face-to-face nature of the advisory sessions creates a conducive environment for students to share their concerns, aspirations, and challenges openly. This open dialogue not only strengthens the tutor-student relationship but also contributes to a positive and supportive learning community.

In conclusion, the Students Profiling & Advisory (SPA) Week stands as a beacon of personalized education, embodying a commitment to the holistic development of our undergraduate students. By fostering meaningful connections, providing personalized feedback, and nurturing mentorship relationships, we hope this initiative not only enhances our student's academic performance but also empowers them to chart their paths confidently in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education and beyond.

The School of Computing thank each and every Tutor, and student for leading, participating, and successfully completing the week-long event.



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