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The Best of the Graduation Projects | Spring2023

The culmination of the BSc (Hons) Creative Computing journey is epitomized by the Creative Incubator module, the pinnacle of the final semester. This module not only challenges graduating students but also offers a platform to synthesize their comprehensive knowledge garnered over the past five semesters, both within and beyond the campus. It empowers them to conceive and execute a proficient, innovative, and robust digital solution – their Graduation Project.

Led by our Sr. Lecturer, Ms Arshiya S, these Graduation Projects stand as a testament to the students' intrinsic originality and authentic prowess in the realms of digital and creative skills. They reflect years of rigorous training, unwavering dedication, self-directed learning, and relentless practice, coupled with practical engagement both within the classroom and beyond its confines.

With immense pride, we present to you a curated selection of the finest Graduation Projects. Each project encapsulates the essence of our students' transformative academic journey, portraying their evolution into accomplished professionals ready to shape and contribute to the dynamic landscape of the digital industry.

Vincent Ignatius Amante | Princelle Abbie Binobo

Nella Rose Bermudo | Franchesca Raymundo

Anthony Bon Louis Uy Cubillas | Nehan Tariq

PJ Javier | Jose Cueto | Karl Castro | Anne Corbito

Martin Toledo | Zeggy Fuentes | Ivan Vitales

Jared Maxilom | Kyle Co

Charles Raquedan | Brian Moya | Blanche Balaba

Thea Narca | Joanna Domingo | Earl Canon | Jevince Dave M. Lascano

Nicolas Stanley Parilla | Aaron Joeshier Balagtas

Zayne Zack Mundo | Hannah Khrizha Lacap

Christian Jericson Vestil | Aaron Paul Jimenez

Leo Angelo Develos

With heartfelt appreciation and admiration, we extend our warmest congratulations to our accomplished graduating students and wish them boundless success and fulfilment in their endeavours within the industry. May their unwavering dedication, coupled with the skills and knowledge they have acquired, propel them to remarkable heights and create a lasting impact in their chosen fields.



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