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The Best of Web Development Projects | Spring2023

Web Development continues to be instrumental in everything digital, technical and creative around us, and so in the BSc (Hons) Creative Computing, where students embark upon this fascinating world right from Semester 2.

With a profound sense of pride, we take this opportunity to present a curated compilation of the exceptionally ingenious, visually alluring, and technically proficient websites meticulously fashioned by our students during their inaugural year's Web Development module, expertly guided by the esteemed Mr Usman A. Each website on display stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing creativity and technical prowess. These digital marvels not only underscore the dedication of our students but also reflect the synergy between innovative thinking and expert mentorship, exemplifying the very essence of academic excellence.

Patrice Baldovino

Princess Jasmin S. Panilagao

Fatima Naveed

Rania Aziz Farooqi

Ravinder Harshitha Egudur

Maryam Tahir

Sandybelle P. Sarte

Trisha Maria Joson

Abdul Rahman Kallarakkal

Jadon Maki Baldoza Aguhob

Arnan Keene Muto

Hannah Kaithleen Bustos

Shyra Faith Uy

Railey Anthony Maala Inductivo

Congratulations to the students and Mr Usman A for the remarkable achievement in the module.



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